Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Product Review: Proud Piggy BBQ Sauce

Shorty after doing my very first review for POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice, I was contacted by a real southern gentleman. Seth, from Southern Staple Foods wanted me to try out his Proud Piggy BBQ Sauce. How could I resist??? I love me some BBQ and I'm a firm believer that if it comes from the south it has to be good! So he sent me a bottle and I have to admit I was a little confused. Where was the thick dark red that you slathered on ribs, that I loved so much? Then of course, I slapped my fore head! This is Carolina style BBQ sauce, meaning it's a heavy vinegar based, very liquid sauce. I gave it a wiff and the smell of vinegar and spices filled my senses. So out to the store I went, to grab some ribs. Baby back ribs are by far my favorite thing to BBQ in the world! Normally I cook them in the oven with honey, mustard and various spices before grilling them and slathering on the thick dark red BBQ sauce of choice, but this time I let them cook in the Proud Piggy sauce and then grilled them just long enough for the flavor to soak in. The ribs were nice a juicy. They sucked up the vinegary sauce and had the nice tang you'd expect from such a sauce. There was also a subtle sweetness to them which I enjoyed very much. All in all it was a very good sauce, plus I have plenty left to do some pulled pork sandwiches with. Ya know the kind where you pile hot juicy pork on a bun and top it off with the cold vinegary crunch of coleslaw.... My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Oh and I bet I could use the Proud Piggy sauce in my coleslaw too!

I definitely suggest you head on over and visit Seth's site and try out some Proud Piggy BBQ Sauce for yourself!

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