Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How To Make: Compound Butter

Lately, I've started making lots of these compound butters to help my cooking a life a little bit. I've been buying fresh herbs but don't always use all of them during the week. Instead of throwing them out or letting them go bad just sitting into the fridge I mix them into some butter. Then when I want to flavor something I just drop a bit of the flavored butter into the dish and viola: two birds, one stone. I had some dill on hand for a dish I was doing but only need a small amount so that's what I used for this example.

What You Need:

salt and pepper

What To Do:

Let a stick of butter soften on the counter until it's at room temp. It makes it easier to work the herbs into it. Chopped the herbs into whatever size you want and mix into the butter along with a bit of salt and pepper. Roll it into a log on wax paper or plastic wrap and store in a zip top bag in the freezer. To use, just slice off as much as you need and let sit out for a few minutes before adding it to your dish. I made dill butter last week and added it to some roasted fingerling potatoes after they had been cooked. The butter melts and the dill coated the potatoes.

1 comment:

  1. What a cool idea!!!! I think I am going to do this.


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