Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birds Eye Voila Frozen Meals and A Gift For You!

Chicken Alfredo
As part of’s Taste Makers program, I was selected to try out Birds Eye Voila Frozen Meals. I picked up a few different bags and tried them out. They were actually pretty yummy! They were super quick to make, taking about 15 minutes and it prepared a balanced meal. The family size bag is perfect for us and my kids loved the fact that they’re veggies had a “sauce” on them too. I do think they could use a bit more flavor as the Cheesy Chicken was a touch bland. We also tried the Alfredo chicken and that one was good. There are several more varieties on the market to choose from too. I checked out the ingredient list and it seemed okay. There were a few ingredients I could have lived without, like hydronated oils, but for busy nights, I could see myself pulling a bag out of the freezer.
Oh and guess what?!?! Birds eye has given me a special gift to share with all of you! To the first 5 readers to leave a comment on this post, I’m going to give 5 buy one get one free coupons for Birds Eye Voila!!! Yes I said 5 BOGO coupons! How cool is that? Just leave me a comment with your email and I’ll send you an email asking where I should send your coupons! Happy eating!


  1. Great quick meal in a fix - Thanks so much!!

  2. Yum! That looks good! I am always looking for quick and easy meals.

  3. We LOVE Garlic Chicken for busy nights over here!

  4. Great! Thanks...I love to cook for my family..they will enjoy this!

  5. Joleque, please leave your email address here or send me an email with your address so that I can send these out to you! Thanks :)

  6. Do you still have 1 left? There's only 4 comments, plus yours...I love Garlic Chicken:)Wish the sodium was even lower though.


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