Friday, November 6, 2009

Chicken Cesar Salad

This is truly one of my favorite meals. I love salads in general but there is something about the garlicy dressing when it mixes with the tomoatos and paresan cheese that makes this salad wonderful. It's one of my husbands favorites too. The dressing contains no raw eggs or anchovies like traditional cesar salads do, but I promise that you won't miss them.

What you need:
5 cloves garlic, peeled
1 tbs dijon mustard
1 tbs white vinegar
1/2 c mayo (make sure to use real mayo and not the salad dressing kind)
1/2 c olive oil
3 romain hearts torn into bite sized pieces or 16 ounces of your favorite salad greens
salt and pepper
1 lb chicken breast
1 lb of vine ripe tomatoes
2 cup croutons
1/2 c parmesan cheese
4 hard boiled eggs (not pictured and optional)

What you do:

In a sautee pan over medium heat or on a grill, season and cook your chicken until done. About 3-5 mins per side. Let it rest for a few minute before slicing. Meanwhile in a small food processor, minced the garlic. Add in the mustard, vinegar, and mayo. Turn the processor on to combine. While it's still running, slowing add in the olive oil. This will give a nice thick dressing. If the dressing appears to thin, drizzle in more olive oil.Season with salt and pepper. Dress the greens with some of the dressing, to your tastes.
Cut your tomatoes into wedges and place on top of the dressed greens, followed by the croutons. Arranged the slice chicken on top and sprinkle the whole thing with Parmesan cheese. Quarter the hard boiled eggs and place around your plate. Top with more dressing if desired. This makes two big salads or 4 smaller ones.

H A P P Y  C O O K I N G !!

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